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About skynetMD

SkynetMD is a medical information reference database suitable for mobile and specialized applications. For more information, including licensing options, please contact Dr. John Bershof,


Our Vision...

The developers of skynetMD were disappointed by the lack of useful medical information on the Internet for the average non-medical person. Most content was simply uploaded text information, presented in an overabundant and odd order by search engines, with very little new material actually having been written for an Internet application. There appeared to be no "beginning" and no "end" that would afford the person a basic understanding of the material, and with little if any meaningful hyperlinks to related subjects. was conceived to provide a comprehensive, self-contained, easily navigated and comprehended medical information database, that would allow for self-learning as one traveled along its web pages.

skynetMD offers unparalleled flow, web navigation and data organization functions.

skynetMD has several thousand topics, and growing daily, following an easy to use format, serving as a stand-alone medical database.

skynetMD has its drug database embedded within the entire medical database, facilitating better understanding of the material as well as solutions to problems.

skynetMD provides on an educational level, not prescriptive level, links between conditions and remedies.